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2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

Criminal Justice

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Program Coordinator Jessica Noble

The Criminal Justice program at Lewis and Clark can provide you with information necessary to make an informed decision about a career in criminal justice. You can choose an associate in applied science degree or a certificate of proficiency, and develop a basis for a critical understanding of criminal justice in the United States by examining crime and its consequences, and criminal law and its applications.

You’ll benefit from taking an active role in the learning process. Students and instructors will bring to class and share current criminal justice-related news items to enliven material learned in class and to show how the information they are learning relates to what actually occurs in the community and the nation.

This program provides instruction in the structure and decision making of law enforcement, the administration of justice (from arrest to trial), and the juvenile justice process. The training will give you the background you need for a variety of criminal justice positions.

Lewis and Clark can help make you a part of a team that plays a major role in protecting and serving people.

Program Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, criminal law, juvenile justice, criminal investigation techniques and correctional practices
  2. Resolve conflict and ethical dilemmas that arise in the criminal justice field
  3. Apply to transfer into a baccalaureate degree program in criminal justice or related disciplines
  4. Seek employment within the criminal justice system
  5. Demonstrate the professionalism required in the criminal justice field

Graduation Requirements: To be eligible for graduation with an Associate in Applied Science Degree or Certificate of Proficiency in any Criminal Justice program a student must: 1.) earn a grade of “C” or better in all Criminal Justice courses (defined as courses with a CRMJ prefix), and 2.) satisfy the requirements for an Associate in Applied Science Degree or Certificate of Proficiency as outlined in this catalog.

Important Notice: Students will have ten (10) years to successfully complete all Criminal Justice courses leading to the completion of a degree or certificate. Students who have taken Criminal Justice courses more than 10 years prior to the completion of the program may reestablish credit for those courses by: documenting credit for life experience, proficiency testing or repeating the course(s).

Nature of Work: Responsibilities of local law enforcement officers, from crime prevention to investigation. Court, corrections, probation and parole officers as they relate to the administration, organization and processes within the system. These officers may have to work outdoors, in all kinds of weather and may be subject to calls anytime their services are needed. This program is for pre-service and employed students in the field who desire to upgrade their skills.

Skills and Abilities: Although these officers work independently, they perform their duties in accordance to laws and departmental rules. They should enjoy working with people and serving the public. Personal characteristics such as honesty, good judgment and a sense of responsibility are especially important in this work.

30 and Out A.A.S. Degree Program Option: Anyone who has already earned an associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university may earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice by completing 30 semester hours of approved Criminal Justice courses. Students interested in this program option must contact the program coordinator to receive written approval detailing the specific courses required for this degree option.

Criminal Justice - CRIM.AAS

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Total: 15 Credit Hours

Total: 15 Credit Hours

Third Semester

Total: 15-16 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

  • Criminal Justice Electives (see list) 6 credit hours
  • 3 credit hours
  • Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3 credit hours
  • Mathematics or Physical/Life Science Elective 3-4 credit hours *

  • *When using MATH 112 to meet the Mathematics/Physical/Life Science elective, a student must earn a grade of C or better.

Total: 15-16 Credit Hours

Total credit hours required for the A.A.S. in Criminal Justice: 60


Criminal Justice - CRIM.CP

Certificate of Proficiency


Total: 30-31 Credit Hours

Total credit hours required for a Certificate of Proficiency in Criminal Justice: 30


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