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2020-21 Catalog 
2020-21 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exercise Science

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Program Coordinator Shane Callahan

Fitness professionals and personal trainers are needed to meet the growing health and wellness needs of the nation. Ailments such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are at an all-time high and require professional intervention to slow their prevalence. Lewis and Clark’s Exercise Science Program provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge in the closely related fields of anatomy and physiology nutrition, kinesiology, psychology, biomechanics and other health-related areas that provide an excellent foundation for their future careers. The program is designed to develop and enhance competencies necessary for students to create and implement exercise programs for clients interested in wellness and weight management, as well as athletes striving to optimize performance. Both theoretical and practical approaches are emphasized throughout the program insuring job placement and a solid foundation for further education. As a capstone experience, students participate in a supervised practicum that includes internships at selected health facilities. Graduates of the program have the knowledge required and are highly encouraged to take a national certification examination to enhance their academic training.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Use a variety of formal and informal assessment techniques to assess learner performance, provide feedback, and communicate learner progress
  2. Assess and prescribe appropriate instructional/managerial strategies needed for proper demonstration of weight training and cardiovascular fitness exercises for individuals of various developmental levels and learning styles
  3. Understand the physiological mechanisms which sustain and act as the basis of the body’s response to exercise
  4. Apply the various behavioral management strategies/techniques involved in exercise maintenance to clients
  5. Identify and interpret up-to-date scientific research in the exercise science field
  6. Apply principles of biomechanics to teaching and/or various coaching situations
  7. Ascertain the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Instructor Certification

Nature of Work: Fitness professionals can have an array of job responsibilities depending on which respective field they chose to pursue. Career tracks range from exercise practitioner in fitness and/or clinical settings to independent personal trainers. Fitness programs are common in the workplace, especially in corporate, commercial, and hospital settings. Duties include assessing cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance, as well as designing individualized fitness and rehabilitation programs, monitoring progress during programs, analyzing data from clients and educating about fitness, nutrition, ergonomics, and demonstrating exercises.

Skills and Abilities: To pursue a career as a fitness professional, you must be reliable, ethical, task-oriented, responsible, and possess problem-solving skills. Students must be able to work with people of various ages, abilities, and personalities. Outgoing, personable attitudes with the desire to help others achieve their goals are essential.

30 and Out A.A.S. Degree Program Option: Anyone who has already earned an associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university may earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Exercise Science by completing 30 semester hours of approved Exercise Science courses. Students interested in this program option must contact the program coordinator to receive written approval detailing the specific courses required for this degree option.

Exercise Science - EXERS.AAS

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Total: 14 Credit Hours

Total: 16 Credit Hours

Third Semester

Total: 16 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

Total: 14 Credit Hours

Total credit hours required for the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Exercise Science: 60


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