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2021-22 Student Handbook and Catalog 
2021-22 Student Handbook and Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacy Technician

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Program Contact Dr. Susan Czerwinski

The Pharmacy Technician program will prepare individuals for entry level employment in hospitals and retail facilities. With the changing role of the pharmacist and the evolution of the national health care services, the demand for more educated and trained pharmacy technicians to assist pharmacists in the preparation of prescriptions has increased. The drug preparation duties, performed by the technician under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist, may include interpreting prescription orders, maintaining patient records, packaging and labeling medications, maintaining drug supply, inventory, billing and crediting patients, handling automation, compounding medications, preparing sterile products, and performing computer entries.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Create patient files, enter prescription orders, and fill prescriptions with speed and accuracy
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Maintain records
  4. Facilitate communications for third-party reimbursement
  5. Compound solutions, ointments, lotions, suppositories, and other medications;
  6. Utilize medical terminology common to the pharmaceutical environment
  7. Practice duties legally and ethically
  8. Package and label drugs for prescription dispensing
  9. Prepare parenteral admixtures under aseptic and sterile conditions
  10. Receive and inventory drug shipments

Graduation Requirement: A minimum grade of “C” is required for all courses in the certificate.

Pharmacy Technician - PHARMTEC.CC

Certificate of Completion

Total: 17 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours Required for the Certificate of Completion in Pharmacy Technician: 17


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