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2021-22 Student Handbook and Catalog 
2021-22 Student Handbook and Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate in Fine Arts (Art Emphasis) - ART.AFA

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Associate in Fine Arts Degree

The Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree is designed to complete the lower-division (freshman and sophomore) portion of a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree. Baccalaureate degree programs in the fine arts are highly structured and require many sequential courses in the major field at the lower division. In order to take courses similar to those of freshman and sophomore students at a university, some general education courses are postponed to the junior and senior years. Even though the AFA degree does not contain the entire IAI General Education Core Curriculum, students who transfer, having earned a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of college level coursework, have the option of completing the IAI GECC requirements or the receiving institution’s lower-division general education requirements.

To transfer as a junior into either a B.F.A. program or B.A. program with a major in Art, students should enroll in the A.F.A. program (described below) in consultation with an art department advisor. Transfer admission is competitive and most institutions require a portfolio review for admission to a B.F.A. program, for registration in advanced studio art courses, and/or for scholarship consideration. Community college students are strongly encouraged to complete the A.F.A. degree before transferring.

The AFA in Art program expands your creative and critical thinking skills and prepares you for transfer to a four-year institution.

Explore the vast possibilities of fine art through rich and wide-ranging experiences in LC’s Art Department as you pursue an Associate of Fine Arts degree. Our program offers foundational courses in studio art as well as informative and insightful courses in Art History, Non-Western Art, and Women in Art. When you become an AFA major you will have the opportunity to work with highly experienced professional artists as your instructors in hands-on studio courses that include Basic Design, Three-Dimensional Design, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Printmaking, and Figure Drawing.

Your learning experience will be enhanced by seeing and interacting with regional professional artists at our Visiting Artist Lecture Series, and you will also have the chance to submit your artwork to the annual Lewis and Clark Student Art Exhibit that is professionally installed in the Hatheway Gallery each spring.

By completing your AFA degree at Lewis and Clark, you will have the foundational skills and knowledge in studio art to successfully transfer to a four-year BA or BFA program, and at a much lower cost than if you started at a four-year college or university! We also have a 2+2 agreement with Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, which means that - should you choose to apply there – all of your LC credits are guaranteed to transfer.

General Education Requirements: 31 Credit Hours

Communications (9 Credit Hours)

Three courses must be selected from the general education core list: a two-course sequence in writing (with grade of “C” or better) and one course in oral communications.

Mathematics (3-4 Credit Hours)

One course must be selected from the Mathematics general education core list.

Physical & Life Sciences (7 Credit Hours)

Two science courses must be selected with at least one course being a lab science course. In addition, one course must be selected from the life science group and one course must be selected from the physical science group.  See general education  core list.

Humanities & Fine Arts (6 Credit Hours)

Two courses must be selected.

  • 3 credit hours
  • or

  • 3 credit hours
  • and

  • One course from the Humanities Group or Interdisciplinary Group only; consider a nonwestern culture course. DO NOT select a course from the Fine Arts Group. Note: AFA degree seeking students must complete one non-western culture course in either humanities or social/behavioral sciences. See general education core list.   

Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 Credit Hours)

Two courses must be selected from at least two disciplines (ANTH, ECON, GEOG, HIST, POLS, PSYC, SOCI). Note: AFA degree seeking students must complete one non-western culture course in either humanities or social/behavioral sciences. See general education  core list.

Major Field Course Requirement: 30 Credit Hours

Required Art Courses (21 Credit Hours)

Select the seven courses listed below to satisfy art history, drawing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, and life/figure drawing requirements.

Studio Art Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Select studio art courses from at least two of the following disciplines in consultation with an art department advisor. A second course in a medium will be reviewed for transfer by portfolio assessment after admission.

Residency Requirement

Students must complete 15 semester credit hours of the degree at Lewis and Clark Community College.

Cumulative Grade Point Average Requirement

2.00 minimum GPA at L&C

Total Credit Hours Required: 61 Credit Hours

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