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2021-22 Student Handbook and Catalog 
2021-22 Student Handbook and Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accounting - ACCT.CP

Certificate of Proficiency

Students may begin the Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting coursework during any semester. However, to complete the program in twelve months, students who have not already completed ACCT 131  must take it during the day in the first half of the summer and ACCT 132  during the day in the second half. Please be advised that all other required accounting courses are only offered in the evening. Due to the prerequisites for the advanced accounting courses, other starting options will result in a different sequence of courses and will require about seventeen months to complete the program.

Suggested course Sequence for 12-month program:

Summer (Day Only)

Total: 6 Credit Hours


Total: 12-14 Credit Hours

Total: 12 Credit Hours

Total credit hours required for the Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting: 30