Mar 06, 2021  
2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Web Design

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Program Coordinator Steve Campbell

Ready to work the Web? Get ready for a dynamic career as a Web Designer and much more. If you have been dreaming about a career in web graphics, web animation or designing high-impact, interactive web sites, then the Web Design Associate Degree program can get you off to a great start. It combines the fundamentals of computing, digital video & audio, graphics, layout, interactivity and Web technology as well as general education courses to strengthen your marketability skills. You’ll receive hands-on experience in our cross-platform computer labs incorporating industry-current software with concept and design elements.

Here are a few exciting careers to consider: Web master, Web developer, Web designer, graphic designer, Web architect, HTML or front-end programmer, media programmer, Web marketing analyst, content developer, and audio visual specialist.

Graduation Requirements: To be eligible for graduation with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Web Design, or to earn the Certificate of Completion in Basic Web Design, a student must: 1.) Earn a grade of “C” or better in all required computer graphics courses (defined as courses with an ART, WEB or CGRD prefix), and 2.) Satisfy the requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree, Certificate of Proficiency, or Certificate of Completion as outlined in this catalog.

30 and Out A.A.S. Degree Program Option: Anyone who has already earned an associate or bachelor degree from an accredited college or university may earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Web Design by completing 30 semester hours of approved courses. Students interested in this program option must contact the program coordinator to receive written approval detailing the specific courses required for this degree option. 

Web Design - WEB.AAS

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Total: 15 Credit Hours

Total: 15 Credit Hours

Total: 15 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

Total: 15 Credit Hours

Approved Web Design Electives List

Digital/Video Specialty

E-Commerce and Social Media Specialty

Layout/Advertising Specialty

Video Production Specialty

Total hours required for A.A.S. in Web Design: 60


Basic Web Design - WEB.CC

Certificate of Completion

The Basic Web Design program trains students to create and manipulate digital images using the Adobe Photoshop program. Instruction covers the use of palettes, commands, and tools; working with layers; using and editing color; and editing images. Students develop skills necessary to apply digital images to print, multimedia, video, and the Internet. The Basic Web Design program teaches students the concepts used to develop World Wide Web sites, emphasizing the creation and editing of Web pages and Web documents. Students organize and maintain numerous files and folders that make up an ever-expanding Web site. Additional concepts include HTML coding and the techniques necessary for optimizing display on the Internet.


Total credit hours required for the Certificate of Completion in Basic Web Design: 9


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