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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate of Completion

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The Certificate of Completion requires 29 credit hours or less and is available if you want the minimum skills necessary to acquire an entry-level job in a particular occupation, or want to improve personal skills. To become eligible for a Certificate of Completion, you must:

  • Satisfy all requirements for admission to the program,
  • Complete required hours in courses listed for a particular certificate,
  • Maintain a grade of C or 2.000 in all courses required for the certificate,
  • Complete at least six hours of the Certificate of Completion at L&C if the certificate is 15 credit hours or more,
  • Complete all credit hours of the Certificate of Completion at L&C if the certificate is 14 credit hours or less, and
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to L&C.

Please note and use the appropriate program code on your Registration Card.  Certificates of Completion are available in the fields listed below.


Accounting Clerk - ACCT/CLRK.CC  
Architectural Technology
3D Architectural Modeling - ADCG/3D.CC  
Architectural Graphics - ADCG/GRAPH.CC  
Solar Design and Installation - SOLR/DES.CC  
Solar Thermal - SOLR/THERM.CC  
Automotive Technology
Undercar Specialist - AUTO/UNDR.CC  
Child Development
Early Childhood Level 2 - CHDV/ECL2.CC  
Illinois Director - CHDV/ILDIR.CC 
Infant Toddler Level 2 - CHDV/ITL2.CC  
Computer Graphics
Animation - CGRD/ANIM.CC  
Computer Graphics - CGRD.CC  
Digital Publishing - DGTL.CC  
Photography - PHOTO.CC  
Computer Network & System Technology
CISCO Network Administrator - CNET/CISAD.CC  
Computer System Technology - CNET/SYSTC.CC  
Microsoft System Administrator - CNET/MSSYS.CC  
Network Specialist - CNET/NETSP.CC  
PC Servicing - CNET/SERVC.CC  
Small Office Network Administrator - CNET/SMOFF.CC  
Dental Hygiene
Local Anesthesia - DENT/LOCAN.CC  
Drafting and Design
3D Mechanical Modeling - DRAFT/3D.CC  
Fire Science
Company Officer - FIRE/OFF.CC  
Fire Apparatus Operator - FIRE/APPAR.CC  
Fire Instructor - FIRE/INSTR.CC  
Fire Prevention Specialist - FIRE/PREV.CC  
Firefighter - Advanced - FIRE/ADV.CC  
Firefighter - Basic - FIRE/BASIC.CC  
Hazardous Materials Operations - FIRE/HAZM.CC  
Roadway Rescue Specialist - FIRE/RESCUE.CC  
Industrial Technology
GIS Specialist - ENGR/GIS.CC  
Fundamentals of Machining - MACHN/FUND.CC  
Management - Finance - MGMT/FIN.CC  
Management - Human Resources - MGMT.HR.CC  
Management - Logistics - MGMT/LOG.CC  
Management - Marketing - MGMT/MKT.CC  
Management - Operations - MGMT/OPER.CC  
Management - Real Estate Brokerage - MGMT/REAL.CC  
Management - Small Business - MGMT/SMBU.CC  
Music Production
Music Production - MUSC/PROD.CC  
New Media Technologies
New Media Technologies - MDIA.CC  
Social Media Management - MDIA/SOCL.CC  
Nursing: Nurse Assistant - NURS/ASST.CC  
Nursing: Certified Nurse Assistant II - NURS/ASST2.CC  
Emergency Medical Technician - EMT.CC  
Process Operations Technology
Bioprocess Technology - PTECH/BIOPRCS.CC  
Restoration Ecology
Green Roof Specialist - ECOL/GRNRF.CC  
Storm Water Management - ECOL/STWR.CC  
Sustainable Urban Horticulture - ECOL/SUST.CC  
Smart Grid Technology
Smart Grid Technology - SGRD.CC  
Truck Driver Training
Extended Truck Driver - TRUCK/EXT.CC  
Integrated Truck Driver - TRUCK/INT.CC  
Web Design
Basic Web Design - WEB.CC  
Welding Technology
Basic Welding - WELD/BASIC.CC  
Gas Tungsten Arc & Pipe Welding - WELD/GTAW.CC  
General Welding - WELD/GENL.CC  
Production/Fabrication Welding - WELD/PROFAB.CC  
Shielded Metal Arc Welding - WELD/SMAW.CC  
Structural Welding - WELD/STRUCT.CC  
Testing & Inspection in Welding - WELD/TESTINS.CC  
TIG Welding - WELD/TIG.CC  
Wire-Feed Welding - WELD/WIRE.CC  

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