Dec 05, 2021  
2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

OCTA 138 - Therapeutic Modalities

Introduces students to a variety of activities as therapeutic modalities used in the delivery of occupational therapy (OT) services. Students learn and apply activity analysis skills to life tasks and activities defined by the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework. Classroom assignments emphasize the development of skills and the safe use of materials, tools and equipment. Students learn to generate and analyze therapeutic applications of activities and to adapt and grade activities for a variety of clinical conditions. Exploration of the physical, cognitive, and sociocultural aspects of therapeutic modalities will be explored. Issues of planning for and working with small groups will be discussed. Students will be introduced to a variety of client problems, select appropriate therapeutic interventions, have an opportunity to develop clinical observation skills, and begin to develop skills for “therapeutic use of self”. Teaching methods used to enable others are explored. Prerequisite(s): C or better in BIOL 142, OCTA 134, and PSYC 232.
(PCS 1.2, 3 credit hours - 2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab)