Aug 12, 2020  
2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HIST 136 - World History II

(IAI: S2 913N; satisfies Human Relations Requirement)
Surveys world history from the age of exploration to the 1920’s. Focuses on the interactions of civilizations, beginning with exploration, and including trade, world markets, the impact of science, technology, and wars. Included is the migration of peoples. Intellectual and cultural history encompasses the interaction and importance of ideas, especially religious ideas and self-expression or art. A comparative method establishes cultural, political, and social patterns. Social and economic history traces social classes and strata. Privilege and gender issues are discussed. . Prerequisite(s): None.
(PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours - 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)