Nov 17, 2019  
2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NURS 172 - Nursing Concepts and Management II

Considers the nursing process and, using a concept-based approach, focuses on clients, families, and communities with an emphasis on mood and affect, cognition, anxiety, stress, communication, immunity, nutrition, tissue integrity, fluid and electrolytes, mobility, elimination, and health policy. Opportunities are provided for the student to correlate theoretical concepts within nursing practice settings to manage care with clients throughout the lifespan. Prerequisite(s): C or better in NURS 160, NURS 170, NURS 171, BIOL 141 and either PSYC 232 or PSYC 233. Concurrent enrollment in NURS 165. Prior completion or concurrent enrollment in BIOL 142 and BIOL 241.
(PCS 1.2, 6 credit hours - 4 hours lecture, 6 hours clinical)